About Pests That Bite

Posted on: 27 December 2018

While you never want to find yourself dealing with pests in your home, at some point it is going to happen. However, finding pests in your home is even worse when you know those pests bite. This article is going to introduce you to some of the pests that are most commonly found in houses that will bite and some of them are even poisonous.

Black Widows – Black widows can commonly be found in garages, attics, basements, outside storage sheds, under porches and in neglected junk piles. However, they can also found inside homes. Female black widows are black, and they have a red hourglass shape on their underside. The black widow earns their name because they often eat their mate, which is why you will generally see the females. If someone gets bit by a black widow it is best to get to the ER right away, as many people can get violently ill from the bite.

Bed Bugs – Bed bugs can be easy to get inside your home since they tend to hitchhike from one location to another by getting inside of luggage or even on an article of clothing you are wearing. Also, they can be brought in on used furniture or other used items you buy. Bed bugs are small and you will usually find their excrement before seeing them. The excrement will look like small dots of dried blood, because that's actually what it is. You can find bed bugs anywhere, but they are commonly in beds and bedding, in the folds of curtains and even in any portion of wall paper that is lifted up from the wall. Bed bugs bite and they can leave a victim with a lot of bite marks. Some people barely show the bites, but many people will have a reaction to them where they will get swollen and itchy like a mosquito bite.

Mosquitoes – Mosquitoes are usually found outside, but they can wander inside where they will drive you crazy as they fly like mad all around your house while you chase them. There are different species of mosquitoes, but they all tend to have long legs and wings. Mosquitoes are attracted to stagnant water, even in very small amounts. They do bite and the bites tend to swell and get itchy. Mosquitoes can also pass illnesses on to the person they bite. Make sure there is no stagnant water on your property and keep the rain gutters clean to ward them off.

Ants – Ants are very common pests to find in your house. Ants can be found in any part of the house and can usually be seen coming to and from a food source, even a tiny crumb on the floor. There is a common misconception that black ants don't bite. In fact, even tiny black ants can bite. Carpenter ants are large and when they bite they can also spray a defensive chemical into the bite that can make it more swollen and painful. The best way to defeat ants is to have a pest control company spray for them. However, it also helps to make sure you mop often and don't leave any food out.

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