Effective Treatments To Kill Bed Bugs For Good

Posted on: 2 August 2016

If you have a bed bug problem, you have probably looked for effective treatments to kill them off. Unfortunately, most treatment strategies that you will get from the internet, friends and other sources may not always work, especially because bed bugs are very hard to detect and resistant to some pesticides.

Hiring a pest control service is probably the best strategy to finish off a bed bug infestation in your home. However, there are other DIY treatments you can use to get rid of the problem yourself. Read on for 2 treatment strategies that can be combined to rid your home of bed bugs. 

Use a bed bug vacuum

The first line of treatment should involve sucking up visible bed bugs on your mattress surface, baseboards, carpets, and couches using a vacuum. This method can also be effective at picking up dust and bed bugs on hard surfaces such as floors /ceilings or on soft furniture as well.

While vacuuming your carpets, you can use chemical carpet cleaners to help kill bed bugs hidden deep in the fibers. Be sure to seal the plastic bag on your vacuum as soon as you finish vacuuming so as to avoid spreading the bed bugs to other areas of the house.

Use a steamer and dryer 

As effective as a vacuum is at picking up live bugs, body shells and excrement, it can't effectively suck up bed bug eggs, as they are usually a bit sticky. That is why you should follow up the vacuuming with a steam cleaning session. Steamers kill bed bugs and their eggs using extreme heat, which makes them very effective at killing pests hidden in your box spring, pillows, drawers, bed frames and even on cracks in walls and floors hard. Steamers can also penetrate cloth surfaces and kill bed bugs hidden in laundry, bedding and carpets. 

Another effective way to kill bed bugs is to dry-clean your laundry. Put infested bed sheets, clothes and curtains in a dryer and raise the temperature to the highest setting. The extreme heat should kill bed bugs and their eggs effectively. Hot water in a washer can also kill bed bugs, but a dryer is more practical because it can be used on items that cannot be washed in water such as stuffed animals. Be sure to separate dry-cleaned clothing from contaminated ones to prevent them from getting infested again. 

Effective bed bug control essentially requires more than a single treatment. Combining the methods mentioned above can help rid your home of bed bugs for good. Click for more info.