Removing A Honey Bee Hive From Your Preschool Property

Posted on: 13 July 2016

If you run a preschool program, you most likely have time allotted for the children who attend to play outdoors. If you noticed a honey bee hive on the grounds of your school's property, keeping the children safe will become a priority. Here are some steps you can take in removing the hive so the children will be able to use the outdoor area without risk of being stung.

Alert The Children's Caretakers Of The Hive's Presence For Safety Reasons

It is a good idea to make phone calls to each of the children's caretakers to let them know a hive is present in the play area they use daily. Find out if any of the children has a known allergy to bees and request medication they need if they were to get stung is sent into school. Reassure them you plan on keeping the children inside until the hive can be removed effectively. 

Battle The Bees With Spraying During Early Morning Hours

If you are unable to hire a pest control service to remove the hive, or if you wish to try removing it on your own due to cost issues, try spraying it with a bee-killing agent during early morning hours. Bees tend to harbor themselves inside of their hives during nighttime hours. Spraying the hive before they emerge for the day will help kill a larger number of the inhabitants. 

Wear white clothing during the spraying as bees will be less likely to charge toward you. Bright colors will remind bees of flowers, making them get overly excited as a result. Give the hive a quick spray from afar and go into the school to get away from any that come out of the hive. Continue this process for several mornings.

Eliminate The Hive From The Property With Proper Disposal Methods

When you no longer notice bees flying in or out of the hive, it will be time to remove it so the children do not become curious in seeing what is inside when they are allowed back into the play area. Burn the hive to ensure all bees have been eliminated. Do this at a time when children are not present at your school so smoke and old honey fumes do not make their way into your establishment. Afterward, douse it with water using a garden hose. It can then be knocked into a trash bag to put out with your weekly garbage collection.

Contact a pest control company for more info.