Apply A Potent Liquid Garlic Application To Your Yard Space And Prevent Mosquito Infestation

Posted on: 8 June 2016

Now that summer is approaching, it's a good time to start figuring out what you can do to deter mosquitoes from occupying your yard space and prevent them from entering your residence. Treating your outdoor yard space is the first line of defense in ridding your yard of mosquitoes. A potent liquid garlic application is the answer to keeping your yard free of mosquito infestations.

Garlic Liquid Repellent Drives Away Mosquitoes

Garlic is already a product that brings classic taste to your meal, but did you know that garlic can be used as a barrier to keep mosquitoes off your property? Garlic contains a natural sulfur ingredient that repels mosquitoes. All you have to do is purchase a liquid garlic product that's made from strong and potent garlic cloves. Spray the product outdoors on your lawn, shrubbery and plants. Farmers and master gardeners have historically used liquid garlic to drive away mosquitoes and other insects from their land space.

Why Is Liquid Garlic So Potent To Mosquitoes?

Garlic's odor is very potent to mosquitoes when applied in increase concentrations. While it doesn't harm you, your pets or plants, it's not a friend to mosquitoes. They will give a wide berth to your property just to escape what they experience as a very toxic agent that penetrates their soft bodies with a deadly result.

The odor of garlic sends mosquitoes bolting away from your yard. You do not smell the garlic odor, but a website article notes that mosquitoes have the ability to detect odor to a degree of 10,000 times better than you can. Once you spray your outdoor area, industry experts say mosquitoes will stay away from your property for up to a month or longer. Liquid garlic drives them away from your yard space and guarantees for sure that they won't enter your home.

Treat Standing Water With Liquid Garlic

You can go one step further and add canola oil and water to liquid garlic in order to treat standing water that's outside. That mixture will coat the standing water. The mix provides a relatively thin cover of natural oil that smothers any mosquito larvae lying around in the standing water. You can rest assured though that the garlic product is such a natural repellent that it will not kill bees, butterflies or birds and is also safe for the health of your kids and pets.

Experts assert that you'll need only four applications of the garlic treatment for an entire mosquito season. They recommend that you purchase a potent gallon-size liquid garlic product that will adequately serve even the heaviest of mosquito infestations on your property for an entire year.

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