Removing A Mouse Infestation From An Old Shed

Posted on: 10 March 2016

If you had just purchased a new home with an older shed on the property, and you have noticed signs that it is overrun with a mouse problem, you will want to take the steps in removing them quickly and efficiently. Eradicating a mouse infestation is necessary, as they are known carriers of disease. Here are some ways you can battle a mouse problem in your shed, removing them effectively as a result.

Find And Seal Entryways

Walk around the exterior of your shed looking for areas a mouse could use to squeeze inside. If the shed does not have a door, you will need to install one to rid the structure of the rodents in a way where they will not run out toward your home to look for a new place to live. Fill in any cracks with caulk and patch any holes by adhering wire mesh or flashing over them so mice can no longer use them as entryways. Install a door sweep under your shed's doorway if it appears to have a crack underneath that mice may use to slink underneath.

Set Some Effective Traps

Once the shed is completely sealed, you will not need to worry about new intruders making their way inside. You will however need to remove those that are harbored up inside. Set several traps inside the shed. You have the option in trying humane traps which would collect mice inside small plastic cubes with one-way hinged doors, or using kill traps in the snapping, bait, or glue variety. Regardless of your preference, you will need to check the traps each day to remove any live mice or carcasses. Take live mice to a wooded area far from your property to give them a new home. Dispose of dead mice in an outdoor area away from your home as well.

Deter Any Stragglers

Some of the mice that had lived in the shed may have been locked out when you had sealed the exterior. They may return in an attempt to get back inside. Add a few deterrents to the area to get them to leave your property for good. Place a hawk or owl decoy on top of your shed's roof, overlooking an area where you had sealed a suspected entryway. Mice may get close to look for the previous way inside and then see the decoy, thinking a predator is near.

Consider keeping a cat outdoors to help hunt any mice from the area so they are no longer a problem. In no time at all, you will no longer see stragglers on your property and you will now be able to clean up the interior of your shed for normal usage.

For more about this topic, contact a pest control company in your area.