How Can You Keep Ticks Out Of Your Yard?

Posted on: 14 February 2016

Ticks are a nuisance that can spread disease, so it's important to keep your yard free of ticks. Ticks prefer wooded and grassy areas. If you live in a rural area or on a large property with a lot of land, you're especially likely to encounter these insects at one time or another. However, ticks will live anywhere where grass and leaves are present. The best way to get rid of ticks and keep them away is to create a inhospitable environment. The following tips will help you make your yard a less desirable place for ticks to live and breed.

Keep the Grass Short

Ticks prefer long grass to short grass, because long grass makes it easier for ticks to grab hold of passing people and animals. Keeping your lawn well-mowed, especially after rain storms, can help drive ticks away from your property.

Let In Sunlight

Ticks prefer to hide in dark, damp areas. Cut back bushes and trees on your lawn to let in the sunlight and allow the grass to dry. Space out your flowers and other shrubs to prevent them from shading your grass and keeping the area moist.

Clean Up Organic Debris

Organic debris like old, dead leaves and piles of cut crass can create moist, dark environments on your lawn. To prevent organic debris from building up on your lawn, purchase a lawn mower that cuts the grass into very tiny pieces, or use a mower with a bag to collect the grass. Rake up dead leaves regularly throughout the fall, and clean up any sticks and leaves leftover from pruning activities when you're done working in your yard.

Keep Animals Away

Small animals like birds and rodents can carry ticks, so it's best to keep them away from your lawn. Avoid putting bird feeders on your property, and keep wood piles (where rodents can hide) well away from your home. If deer are a problem on your property, put up deer fencing to prevent these animals from entering your yard.

Contact a Pest Control Company

Contact a pest control company to treat your yard if a tick population develops on your property. If your neighbors develop a problem with ticks, contact a pest control company, even if you have not yet noticed ticks on your property. Doing this will help ensure that ticks will be eliminated from your yard and will help keep them away once the population has been eliminated. Get more info online.