Get Rid Of Termites With These 2 Tips

Posted on: 12 February 2016

If you see termites in your house, it is natural that you would start to worry, as termites can cause costly repairs due to damage they inflict on your house. Use the following ideas to deal with these pests.

Remove Their Food Supply

If you are like many people, you think that termites eat wood and that's why they invade your house. However, the truth is that it not necessarily the wood that the termites are after; they are actually interested in cellulose, an organic compound that wood contains

While you can't just bulldoze your home to get rid of the termites, it can help to remove other things on your property where they may be gathering, eating and reproducing. You might consider uprooting tree stumps in your yard, for instance. If you are using wood mulch on the soil near the flowering bushes, trees and plants that surround your home, you should remove as much of the mulch as you are able to.

After you have removed the tree stumps and mulch from your property, you may want to sprinkle diatomaceous earth around your home's perimeter. Diatomaceous earth is actually a natural rock that is crushed into powder. While it might not help if you already have termites inside the house, it may help you avoid further infestation.

Buy Nematodes

Nematodes, microscopic worms, can be extremely dangerous for termites. They are a parasites of the insects, and attach themselves to the termites, burrowing into them and killing them within 24-48 hours

In fact, it is not the worms themselves that cause the problem for the termites. Nematodes have on their bodies a kind of symbiotic bacteria which is poisonous for a number of insects, including termites. However, don't worry that your family or pets will be attacked by nematodes; they do not harm humans or pets.

Because nematodes are microscopic, they are usually mixed into a spray solution that you can typically purchase at home improvement and so-called "big boxes stores", as well as many plant nurseries. Every brand works differently, so be sure to read the instructions carefully before you start to spray the parts of your home where the termites reside.

The above tips should prove helpful in handling your termite problem. For even more assistance and more suggestions, contact a local pest control company to learn more and so that can send someone out to your home. You'll get a professional assessment of the situation and solutions that will finally rid your property of these pests.